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Garage Conversion in San Diego

Earning a living in San Diego is really expensive. Therefore, turning a garage into a comfortable and living space can be useful and exciting too. Make sure you follow all your city’s official procedures before proceeding further!

Indeed, at some stage in our life, we all need added space in our home. It can be due to children becoming adults, a newborn baby’s birth, or an extended family coming over to live with you. In such situations, the home garage becomes very important.

Ultimately, converting your garage  or granny flat into a legal living space is the most efficient and cost-effective way of remodeling a home and creating additional living space. So, give your home design structure a seamless renovation with garage conversion and without anyone noticing.

Benefits Associated with Garage Conversion

A garage conversion or granny flat is highly recommended when compared with constructing a completely new ADU unit. Check out some of the benefits you can enjoy with converting your garage into a comfortable and liveable space.

  •       There is no need for any extra groundbreaking; you already have an inbuilt foundation, walls, and roof to work with.
  •       The best cost-effective and fastest means of adding additional living space in your home design.
  •       It can help you to increase the value of your property.
  •       Provides an extra room for the family.

Factors to Consider Study Before Converting Your Garage into A Liveable Space in San Diego

We have got you covered with 7 things you should be aware of before converting your garage into a living space in San Diego.

  1. Natural light: Approximately 10 sq. ft. of the space must be equipped with outdoor light.
  2. Requires permits: Converting your garage or granny flat design needs a city permit according to the official law. To request a license or to know more information from the SD City, you can visit the Development Services Dept. or call them at 619-446-5300 for the required information. Every city in San Diego might have different garage conversion requirements, so make sure you consult the local office for the info.
  3. Garage leading to a bedroom: The converted garage space design can’t lead directly to the other living quarters, similarly to a bedroom. Therefore, check your home and review if the garage shares a wall with your bedroom.
  4. Inbuilt smoke detectors: These are mandatory and required by law for a accessory dwelling unit ADU.
  5. Maintenance of room temperature: The living space should maintain 70 degrees using a heater.
  6. Escape window: The escape window in your house should be built with the least opening of 5.7 sq. ft.
  7. Ventilation: A minimum space of 5 sq. ft. should be openly ventilated of the floor plan for your accessory dwelling unit ADU.
  8. Storage: where will you store things if you don’t have a garage in your house
  9. Water for Bathroom: Where will you connect the water plumbing for the bathroom your conversion

San Diego Garage Conversion Final Thoughts

The decision to convert your garage to a living room depends on the individual situation. The essential thing is to perform your research and think about how losing a garage space can affect your home and future ADU.

Garages may not be necessary living in San Diego as they are for places where the weather is less consistent; however, converting it into a living space is a significant change to be made involving a lot of effort and planning your ADU.